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Mobile Website / Mobile Apps

What do we mean by “mobile device?” This is simply a portable device with an on-board computer. Mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets can surf the web, act as a GPS, email your friends, and, in the case of a Smartphone, still allow you the calling and texting features of a cell phone.

When designing a mobile version of your “regular” website,it is essential to consider the user experience. With a regular site, you can have lots of text, images, forms, links and perhaps, Flash.

NovaWeb Mobile ViewHowever, regular sites, when viewed on a mobile device (especially a Smartphone), can sometimes be frustrating for the user – the long load times, lots of scrolling and the enlarging and reducing needed to navigate a page, never mind moving around the site.

This can cause site users to go to another, easy-to-load site, especially when they pay their internet provider by how much data they use.

When people surf the web via a mobile device, they typically want to quickly access information that is to the point and contact information that is easily accessed.

Mobile website design

Two separate websites, one for PC and one for mobile devices, help you get the best of both worlds. With the help of a mobile website, designed by the expert and experienced designers of NovaWeb, you will be able to boost revenue generation from mobile web.

Why do you need a mobile-optimized website?

Websites might be difficult to navigate through a handheld device. Given the fact that the number of smartphone users are increasing, it has become necessary for you to get a mobile version of your website.

Otherwise, you may be losing on a huge numbers of target audience who surf the internet from their smartphones and tablets.

Novaweb mobile app This is a trend that does not seem to subside. These days smartphones and tablets are where people search the internet, socialize, shop and play games. If you do not have a presence on the mobile devices, your website will fail to reach out to more number of potential customers.

Our mobile web design services include:
  • Web design
  • Social network integration
  • Mobile video integration
  • Cross platform site development
Our mobile website design process
  • Websites developed by our mobile website design company fit effectively in smartphones as well as tablets.
  • We remove all Flash features from your site as it makes the sites heavier, thus, making it take more time to get loaded. Besides, it does not work in iPhones and iPads.
  • We make sure that your contact information is clearly there and easily accessible to hand-held device users.
  • We include only relevant text and images in your site. This way the site becomes concised and gets easily loaded due to less number of images.
  • We always include a link back to your original site, so users can view all the features of your regular site, without having to include all those features on its hand-held -device version.

novaweb mobile apps

Why Choose Us For Developing Your Mobile Websites?

We deliver creative and innovative websites for your business that load within an instant and are easy to navigate on a little or not-so-big display screen, yet provides all the essential details of your business in a clear and precise manner. With us, you get to have a custom web page done for catering to your smartphone using audience.

  • We offer simple user-friendly mobile websites.
  • We make sure that you get an eye-catching and entertaining cellular site.
  • We get you effective marketing consultancy.
  • We hire certified and persistent web developers that keep themselves updated with all the current technologies, hence, gets you hi-tech mobile website design services.
  • We offer mobile website design services at competitive rates.

At NovaWeb, we address all handheld device specific challenges through mobile website design services that include data entry, navigation, load time, visibility for creating a precise experience of smartphone and tablet users.